Córdoba, 1964. Guitarist, Composer

1981 First prize for concert Flamenco Guitar, at the 21st “Festival de cante de la Minas de la Unión


1982 First prize for concert flamenco guitar at the 11th National contest of Flamenco guitar of Jerez de la Frontera


1984 He obtained his degree as professor of Flamenco Guitar at the Conservatory of Córdoba And with this, becoming, with barely 20 years of age, the youngest guitar teacher specialized in Flamenco


1986 National “Ramón Montoya” award, for concert Flamenco Guitar at the “XI Concurso Nacional de Arte Flamenco de Córdoba” Same year also elected as member of the Fundación Sociedad i Cultura "Live Music now" in the guitar section


Jose's presentation in Madrid, in the Centro Cultural de la Villa, was a resounding success, where numerous personalities of the Lyrics and Music joined at the theatre


1987 Premiered the work "Guajira for Guitar Flamenco Y Orchestra" within the extraordinary concerts for "Dia de Andalucia"


1988 Intense period of concerts all around Europe. In this year for the premiere in Seville, Jose composed the music of "TIEMPO, AMOR Y MUERTE" choreographed by Mario Maya


Recording of two albums in solo performing of his own compositions "Calahorra" and "Callejón de Las Flores".  Some of his compositions are included in records released in Europe, as his work "Valls Flamenco" edited by Ex Libris Digital Recording


1990 Premiere of his concert for Flamenco Guitar "Viento de Libertad", this is his most ambitious work. For this purpose it has the collaboration in the orchestration of Joan Albert Amargós


1992 Jose received the request of making compositions for orchestration and musical direction for the show "Tango" for the Bienal de Arte Flamenco de Sevilla


He participated in "Sevilla es así" recording for the opening programme of the EXPO'92 in Seville


1993 He participated in the soundtrack of the film "La Lola se va a los puertos", starred by Rocío Jurado


1994 He composed together with Joan Albert Amargós the play "Réquiem" for the world premiere of the Andalusian Dance Company with the choreography by Mario Maya He also participated in the staging of the show "A Oscuras" with Enrique Morente


1995 Beginning a tour with the Cultural Cycle "Conocer el Flamenco" next to Manolo Sanlúcar


He participated in various sequences of the film "Flamenco" by Carlos Saura


He participated in the new mix of the CD "Nochebuena Gitana"  of Camarón de la Isla together with Paco de Lucía


He composed the original music of the work "Retratos en la memoria" choreographed by Ramón Oller, which was premiered at the International Festival of Dance in Seville


1996 The new orchestration of his work "Viento de Libertad" under the direction of Joan Albert Amargós


1997 He composed "El Jaleo" Work made for the Andalusian Centre of Dance, choreographed by María Pagés and Fernando Romero


1998 He presented his album "Manhattan de la frontera" at the Bienal de Arte Flamenco de Sevilla


1999 He performed an extensive tour with concerts in France, Italy, Portugal and Spain


2000 He collaborated on the discs of well-known artists such as Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Matt Bianco, Manzanita", Natalia Oreiro  He participated in important  guitar festivals in Córdoba, Valencia, Aveiro  with concerts and Flamenco Guitar courses. He played at the Athens Concert Hall of Athens, as well as at the Savoy Theatre in Helsinki and National Center of the Arts of Mexico, with great success.


2001 Commissioned by the Contest of Flamenco Arts of Córdoba, he premiered "El Guitarrista Azul", his symphonic work in four movements for Guitar and Orchestra. Enric Palomar makes the orchestration. This was premiered with great success in May with the Cordoba Orchestra, directed by Joan Albert Amargós.


This year he started to work as a teacher in the courses of guitar of Cordoba which were directed by  Manolo Sanlúcar. He performed  concerts in various European cities, Mexico City, Centro Nacional de las Artes and La Habana Cuba, Havana Guitar Festival

He collaborated with Carmen Linares in Ala Dos Namorados at the presentation of the Fado and Flamenco project in Madrid


He recorded with Ana Gabriel, Niña Pastori, Remedios Amaya and "Papa Levante"


2002 He performed concerts in Canada, Seville, Madrid Working in musical composition for the Ballet "La Leyenda" that the Andalusian Dance Company premiered at the Maestranza Theatre in  Seville, September/October 2002 And his new work: "Alchemy" premiered in the cited XII Bienal de Flamenco 2002


2003 He received the recognition of his place of birth, Córdoba, dedicating to the Peña Flamenca de Córdoba's Cultural week. This same year he composed and directed the work "Tiempo" to the SPANISH NATIONAL BALLET with choreography by Joaquín Grilo premiered on 23 January 2004


2004 From February until September he began a world tour that took him through Central America, South America, USA and Spain presenting the new abum of Alejandro Sanz, "NO ES LO MISMO"


For the new show of Antonio Canales "Carmen Carmela", he did record four themes of the opera "Carmen" de Bizet with the adaptation for guitar by Juan Víctor Yagüe.


He released his CD "La Leyenda"


He performed the music for guitar composed by Roque Baños in the latest film of CARLOS SAURA "The seventh day"

He has composed the soundtrack for the play CARMEN XXI of Antonio Alamo with Alfonso Zurro as director


He recorded together with Alejandro Sanz the theme Sozinho of the Caetano Veloso

A Warner disc called "SAMBA PA TI" and Two new songs for the album of "greatest hits 91-04" by Alejandro Sanz


He participated in the film “School of Seduction”


2005 He participated together with Alejandro Sanz on the night of the children in Los Angeles, California, with Jenifer López, Marc Anthony, Joaquin Cortes, etc


He was guest artist at the concert of ANTONIO OROZCO in Seville on 23-10-2004, playing along side his success "Es mi soledad"


In acts as guest artist again at the concert of ANTONIO OROZCO in Valencia on 3-12-2004, at the delivery of the "ANGEL" awards for painting. He also participated in the program of Antena 3 “Buenafuente”


Recorded in Madrid “IBERIA” a film by Carlos Saura, dedicated to the composer ISAAC ALBÉNIZ, Later he played his arrangement and adaptation of Seville


He represented his work "La Leyenda" together with The National Ballet of Spain at the La Zarzuela Theatre in April 2005


2006 He composed the original music for the Ballet of Aida Gomez, "CARMEN". Release 9-3-2006


He has participated as interpreter in the film "ALATRISTE" and "LOLA"


He composed "Detention" for Antonio Cuadri film "The heart of the Earth", for its premiere in 2007


He premiered "CORDOBA... EN EL TIEMPO" inaugurating the Cordoba guitar festival in July 2006


His participation in importants music festivals, as well as its regular activity as composer and Studio musician, takes him to share stage and recordings with the great figures of music, such as: Paco De Lucia, Manolo Sanlúcar, Astor Piazzola, Chick Korea, John Mclaughlin Cacho Tirao, Al Di Meola, Larry Coryel, Matt Bianco, Assad Duo, Julian BreamCostas Cotsiolis, José Miguel Evora, Rocío Jurado, Joan Báez, Camarón, George Benson, Fosforito, J. Menese, Diego Carrasco, Lulo Pérez, José Mercè, Joan Albert Amargos, Carmen Linares, Arturo Sandoval, Carles Benavent, Rubem Dantas, Noa, Manuel Soler, Jorge Pardo, Tino Di Geraldo, Vinnie Colavitta, Horacio "El negro" Hernández, Anthony Jackson, Luis Conte, Alejandro Sanz, Antonio Orozco, Orchestras such as The Córdoba Orchestra, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Symphonic Orchestra of Seville Producers Roberto Livi, Ricardo Pachón, Eddy Martínez, José Luis de Carlos, Lulo Pérez and Alejandro Sanz, Rafa Sardina, Steve Sehan, Humberto Gatica, David Mackay, Rene Toledo, and an even longer list of musicians and producers.


His extensive musical training takes him to collaborate with different styles of music such as Flamenco, Pop, Disco, Ballads, Boleros, Jazz, Turkish- Portuguese- and Arabic music. Electronic, Ethnic music, Chillout.. Combines his activities as soloist and composer with teaching international courses of guitar


2007 He began a tour of concerts with the IBERIA work together with the pianist Rosa Torres Pardo and the ballerina Lola Greco visiting theatres as the Maestranza de Sevilla, Villamarta of Jerez and festivals such as Flamenco London


Premiered  in the films "Lola" and the "Heart of the Earth" where he appears on both soundtracks


Continues his tour of concerts in Spain, Mexico, England, France, etc


José has been a juror and special guest in the National competition of Flamenco in Cordoba May 2007


He was invited to the charity concert "Flamenco Pa Tos" with Arcangel and Dorantes


Participates at cd of Pedro Javier Hermosilla where he collaborates together with Antonio Orozco


Joins Alejandro Sanz Spanish tour August to September 2007


Does the production of the Esperanza Fernández “RECUERDOS” record


2008 Concerts in France at the Festival de Nîmes, Madrid at Caja Madrid Festival and Solidarity Festival, Russia at the Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra at the Guitar Festival in Kaluga, Seville at the cycle Cajasol, and concert in the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, England


He received the awards for the Best Producer and for the Best Album of Guitar in the National criticism "Flamenco Hoy" awards and finalist for the Best Album of Solo Guitar


He collaborates on the new discs of Gala Evora, El Pele and Valderrama


He was contracted by René Toledo to record the Flamenco guitars for the Antonio Mejias album.


In June sets for sale the full DVD registration of the concert "Cordoba...El Tiempo"


July he taught the course "Nature and Form of the Flamenco Guitar" at the Cordoba International Guitar festival


Does some work for classical Guitar Quartet EOS, to be included as a piece of work next to composers like Sérgio Assad, Brazil, Leo Brouwer, Cuba, Michel Camilo, Santo Domingo, Egberto Gismonti, Brazil,John McLaughlin, England, Máximo Diego Pujol, Argentina, Mike Stern, USA, Ralph Towner,USA, Andreas Vollenweider, Switzerland


2009 Concerts in Paris, France, Zagreb,Croatia, Czech Republic, Madrid, Seville, etc


Currently is carrying out the production of his next album, besides the composition of a symphonic work


Also José participates in the audiovisual encyclopedia of Flamenco that is been directed

by Manolo Sanlúcar


He realized projects in masterclasses after his concerts for the diffusion of Flamenco and Andalusian culture. His works "La Leyenda" and "Carmen" are still being represented all over the world by the National Ballet of Spain and the  Aída Gómez Dance Company


2010 In January he made a tour of concerts in Andalusia within the cycle "Conocer El Flamenco" organized by Cajasol. In February within the framework of the New York Flamenco festival he was presented in the Skirball Center Theatre in that city with a huge success He participated in the cycle "Flamenco Viene del Sur" with two concerts in Seville and Malaga The concert in Malaga will be broadcast on Internet in the Website: enred.com


He collaborated on the soundtrack for the film "Flamenco in Bollywood" with Mónica Cruz


He works as  guest artist on the disk of the legendary Manuel Galbán, guitarist of "Buenaventura social club"


He begins "F-2" project, which he makes with the singer Arcangel. Again he collaborates with Manolo Sanlúcar at the courses of Flamenco Guitar at the Guitar Festival of Córdoba, and at the same time he teached in Italy and El Rocío, Huelva


2011  Producing of the next to be released new CD "ANARTISTA"


Performance with own band at the Nocha Blanca Festival of Flamenco in Cordoba, with artists like Niña Pastori, Miguel Poveda, etc.

Giving a course of The Flamenco Guitar in July at the International Guitar Festival in Cordoba.


Collaborating as guest artist on recordings of Cantores de Hispalis and Mónica Molina


2012 The launching of the latest new album "ANARTISTA" with collaboration of Antonio Orozco, David Demaría, Manolo Sanlúcar, Santiago Auserón, Carmen Linares, Vanesa Martin, Archangel and Mafalda Arnauth


This production has the best musicians in the current scene as, Carles Benavent, José Mena, JM Popo, Gere, Agustín Diassera, Jordi Cristau, Carlos Martín, Luis Aquino, etc. It is recorded in several studios in Spain, such as Seville, Morón de la Frontera, Valencia, Barcelona; and in the USA, Miami, New York, Puerto Rico, etc.


This album was produced by José Antonio Rodríguez with the collaboration of Jordi Cristau and Domi Serralbo


Performances at THE MUSIC HOUSE (Moscow), at The Guitar Festival in WINTERTHUR, Switzerland, with full absolute


Giving a premier at the TEATRO LOPE DE VEGA, Seville, presenting the latest work and CD "ANARTISTA"

Also presenting "ANARTISTA" at the International Guitar Festival of Cordoba


2013 Bringing the Flamenco music to Morocco where also he gives a Conference showing the features of Flamenco and the similarities with Moroccan music


He collaborates  in the album "ACOUSTIC FEVER" of Herman Rarebell, drummer of the legendary German band SCORPIONS. With mythical rock singers such as Don Doken, Bobby Kimball, John Parr And famous musicians like Michael Voss, Corey Whitehead, etc.

Participating in a tour of presentation in November in Germany, France, Sweden and Netherlands as a preview to a world tour in 2014 "All a world event: the rock played with flamenco guitar... guitar teacher José Antonio Rodríguez"


Currently working on compositions  for the "AMNON and THAMAR" work for ballet, based on the text of Federico García Lorca and with the choreography of the prestigious choreographer JOSÉ ANTONIO


Colaborating on the disc of Duets of Frankie Miller  Produced by David Mackay with John Parr, Elton John, Bonnie Tyler, etc


2014 Make a tour USA (Fresno, San Diego, Los Angeles (California) Portland, Lincoln City (Oregon) So it gives courses and Master class at different Universities of California. Make the tour Artists Route organized by AIE (Association of Interpreters Spain) didactic work published "DEL FLAMENCO A TODAS LAS MUSICAS" Ed. Octaedro, which authored by Calixto Sánchez, Manuel Herrera and Antonio Cremades.


We report for the first time in Australia (International Guitar Festival Adelaide) playing the concerto Inaugural Edition 2014. It participates in the first International Congress of guitar, held in Cordoba, with its Conference "The generation of those born in the 1960s". He collaborated on the next work of the Colombian actress Rita Moreno, with the production of Emilio Estefan and collaborations, among others of Marc Anthony and Ricky Martin.


2015 Concerts held in various cities of Spain and Malaga (Teatro Canovas) and Cordoba, where in the International Guitar Festival concert interpret "The Blue Guitar" for flamenco guitar and orchestra. Began producing their new album will see the light in 2016. He began recording and elaboration of 2 DVD+BOOK of his music for the publishing house "La Sonanta”.


In may, the International Guitar Festival of Kaluga debuted with the "World of guitar trío" together with Roman Miroshnichenko and Henrik Andersen. In August came to market the cd "Perfect Strangers" from WORLD OF THE GUITAR TRIO. In August came to market the cd "Perfect Strangers" from WORLD OF THE GUITAR TRIO. It is guest artist in the beginning of Tour “Sirope” Alejandro Sanz in Cordoba before 12,000 people and at the final concert tour in Seville before 40,000 spectators. In November it will be a mini tour of presentation of the cd "Perfect Strangers" from WORLD OF THE GUITAR TRIO in Moscow and Kaluga (Russia) as well as the "Alexander Frauchi" Festival closing concert.


2016 WORLD OF THE GUITAR TRIO by José Antonio Rodríguez, Roman Miroshnichenko and Henryk Andersen has been chosen to perform on January 23th at the prestigious NAMM Music Fair in Los Angeles (USA).

José Antonio´s new album "Adiós muchachos ..." and his first video "La fiesta de los Locos" sponsored by the Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz was presented to the media at the Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville.

José premiered his work "Manhattan de la Frontera" at the Fernán Gómez Theater at the Madrid 2016 Flamenco Festival.

José recorded his second video "Adios muchachos…" with an overwhelming success in the networks.

The special edition of FLAMENCO MAESTRO CLASSES is dedicated to José Antonio Rodríguez from LA SONANTA.COM. It was published with a dvd-book, including concert themes.


He participated in the prestigious cycle of TED presentations, along with Sergio Scariollo, Monchi, Susana Barbera, and Manuel Pimentel, among others.

José Antonio was the special guest of AL DI MEOLA, on his Spanish tour with great success.


His album PERFECT STRANGER has been chosen as the Best Record of Instrumental Music of 2015 by the Independent Music Awards in the USA.


In addition, he has been named juror of the National Contest of Flamenco Art of Córdoba 2016 with Victor Monge "Serranito" and Gerardo Núñez.

The "Manhattan de la Frontera" International Tour begins in Russia, USA, Asia and Spain.

















“TIEMPO AMOR Y MUERTE” (1988) Coreography: Mario Maya


“TANGO” (1992) Musical


“REQUIEM” (1994) Ballet for the Andalusian dance company. Flamenco composition: J.A. Rodriguez. Classical composition: J. A. Amargós. Coreography: Mario Maya


“RETRATOS EN LA MEMORIA” (1995) Coreography: Ramón Oller


“EL JALEO” (1997) Coreography: María Pages and Fernando Romero


“LA LEYENDA” (2002) Andalusian dance company and Spanish National Ballet. Choreography: José Antonio.


“TIEMPO” (2003) Spanish National Ballet. Coreography : Joaquín Grilo.


“CARMEN” Aida Gómez  company (2006)






“LA LOLA SE VA A LOS PUERTOS” (1993). Collaboration in BSO.


”FLAMENCO” (1995) Director: Carlos Saura. Participation as musician and actor. B.S.O.


“FUGITIVAS” Theme of the film.


“SOBREVIVIRE” Theme of the film.


“EL SEPTIMO DIA” Main theme of the film. Director: Carlos Saura. 2004




“IBERIA” (2005) Director Carlos Saura. Participation as musician and actor.




“ALATRISTE”  (2006)


“LOLA” (2007) Director Miguel Hermoso


“EL CORAZON DE LA TIERRA” (2007) Director Antonio Cuadri






Tuning program  “VIDAS PARALELAS”


Tuning program for Canal Córdoba TV “MANANTIAL DE LUZ”






Original music for the promotional video of the international Cordoba Guitar Festival. "Award at the CANNES Film Festival"


Participation in the promotional video of the Picasso Museum Interpretation with the Prague Symphony Orchestra in the music of the Wine Museum (Jerez de la Frontera - Cádiz)


Spot presentation of the World Cup of Golf 2004 in Seville.


Spot tv for Alejandro Sanz tour-USA.


Audiovisual Blas Infante Museum.








First prize for flamenco guitar concert - XI CONCURSO DE JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA (1982)


Award national RAMÓN MONTOYA concert flamenco guitar (Córdoba, 1986)


Award to the best producer, best album of guitar's accompaniment, awards national of critics "FLAMENCO today" Award 2007


Finalist best guitar solo, in the awards national of critics "Today FLAMENCO" disc 2007


Finalist best DVD, in the awards national of critics "FLAMENCO today" 2008.


Prize "The silver lunch box" 2011, award created by the Ateneo de Córdoba in 1987 to recognize the work of individuals and groups in letters, arts and Sciences, the defense of human rights and other noble cau.


His album PERFECT STRANGER has been chosen as the Best Record of Instrumental Music of 2015 by the Independent Music Awards in the USA.





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